Sofia Neto
— Sofia Neto is an art director & illustrator with a passion for technology and ice cream


The problem is never a problem, it is out of it that comes the solution.


Sofia Neto

What you need to know about me is that I drink a loooot of tea, I don't like coffee (sorry world) and my favourite food is shellfish and picanha. The thing is that I eat pasta almost everyday because, let's be honest, that is much easier to make. 

Now that we got that instagram-food-I'm-also-a-person kind of thing out of the way, let's talk serious stuff!

My journey is one that goes from analog to digital... I studied architecture for 6 years in the universities of Porto and Florence. My course focused on the craft side of it - hand made, materials, construction, concept and the truth of it all. During this time I developed my drawing skills and soon started freelancing as an illustrator/designer.

I still felt that I was missing the digital and technological knowledge in my education, so I moved to Stockholm and did the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island. This very forward thinking school gave me tools that not only made me a better designer today, but most importantly made me understand people, team dynamics and how to work more efficiently.

Soon after, I moved to Amsterdam where I interned at Random Studio. I worked on tech installations for different brands such as Nike and Hermès, and also had the opportunity to do a workshop for Random about the Hyper Way - focusing on team building and feedback.

I now have the skills to be equally comfortable with working on both sides of the spectrum - analog & digital.  I'm looking to use all this experience and knowledge to create unforgettable experiences for people.

If you have any project you would like to discuss, don't hesitate to drop me a line!





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